With its high speed venturi effect nozzles, The Water Sweeper Water Broom saves up to 87% of your time & labor over cleaning with a push broom, a handheld spray nozzle, or a pressure washer.



Did you know that the Water Sweeper saves you 80% of the water used by a water wasting spray nozzle or pressure washer? This allows the cleaned area to dry quickly, usually within minutes, which reduces urban runoff. Our water broom only uses about 1 gallon of water per minute, whereas some other methods and products use an average about 8 gallons per minute!



The Water Sweeper saves you money in wages if you were to have an employee do the clean up for you. Your employee will only need to spend about 1/8th of the amount of time that he or she would use with any other sweeping method. Experience the effective cleaning option of using the Water Sweeper!



Areas that now take you or your employees hours to clean will take you only minutes to clean. The great thing about the capabilities of our water broom is that can clean anywhere you need it to. This includes: sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, parking lots, tennis courts, patios, pool decks, curbs, & much more. It does NOT harm concrete, asphalt, floor finishes, court coatings or deck stain.

The Water Sweeper is designed to blasts away dirt, leaves, dust, sand, food & beverage spills, bird droppings, pop cans, even light mud from concrete, asphalt, or any other open, hard-surface area, indoors or outdoors.



We’ve made sure that our product is easy to use by everyone. The Water Sweeper water broom produces a strong, even, 3 foot wide line of water at a consistent height for maximum cleaning power, without damaging the surface. Our water broom attaches to any standard garden hose operating on municipal water pressure levels. It works with pressure up to 160 PSI. It can even accommodate hot water to remove grease & grime.

No high pressure water or air systems of any kind are required to use the Water Sweeper. The lightweight, ergonomic design, with it’s easy rolling, full swivel ball bearing caster wheels makes it easy to push, turn, & maneuver for easy, one-handed operation by people of all heights.



Built entirely of heavy duty galvanized & powder coated steel to take rough treatment, this is one durable water broom. It is much stronger than plastic, PVC, or even an aluminum water broom. It is 34″ wide, 38″ high at the handle, & weighs only eight pounds.

It has 5 threaded brass nozzles, & a 1/4 turn brass ball valve, giving you total water control. Since it has so few moving parts, upkeep is almost nonexistent, giving you many years of trouble free service. Ask about our 5 year warranty on parts & labor!



The Water Sweeper is designed for commercial & heavy duty residential use. You won’t find another similar product out on the market with the same strength & reliability.

It is currently used by all types of people, including: homeowners, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, apartment complexes, swimming pools, tennis courts, stores, motels, casinos, schools, auto dealers, service stations, golf courses, hospitals, parking structures, construction sites & many others. We even have a Water Sweeper water broom proudly serving aboard a major cruise ship, keeping her decks sparkling clean!

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It really can reach anywhere!