watersweeper black

David S. – Restaurant Manager, Oakland, CA

“We love our WATERSWEEPER, it works great for us. It cleans our parking lot so much faster than a hose or a broom ever did. Thank you.”

Jim K., Fredericksburg, TX

“The WATERSWEEPER works well & cuts down the time to clean my patio & driveway.”

Sue B., Oak Brook, IL

“I like the WATERSWEEPER very much. Easy to use & it gets the goose droppings off the driveway.”

Joe G., Tujunga CA

“I love the WATERSWEEPER. It cleans very well & is very efficient.”

Wayne A. – Grounds Supervisor, Jacksonville, FL

“It does a good job rinsing pollen off walk ways as well as removing tire dust in our parking garages.”

James C., Denver, CO

“The WATERSWEEPER has worked very well as described. It eliminates the dust produced by not having to sweep the floor or a sidewalk. The amount of water used seems to be considerably reduced. The WATERSWEEPER is a very good tool.”

Rob J., Minnetonka, MN

“Love the WATERSWEEPER. I have a long driveway & a large concrete deck around our pool. It’s great for a quick clean, leaving the concrete looking fresh in a fraction of the time it takes with my hand held hose nozzle. The WATERSWEEPER looks & feels very heavy duty & durable. Overall I love this WATERSWEEPER & I plan to use it all summer.”

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