Water Sweeper Speed Test



Back in 1990 when we were just starting to sell our water brooms, our employees created a test to determine the difference between the WATERSWEEPER Water Broom, and a push broom and a spray nozzle on a garden hose.

They first created a 10 foot by 10 foot patch of sand on a paved driveway.

A push broom swept it off in 3.5 minutes and raised a lot of dust.

A second 10 foot by 10 foot patch of sand was washed away by a spray nozzle on a garden hose in 4 minutes & 40 seconds using 28 gallons of water.

The WATERSWEEPER completely cleaned a third 10 foot by 10 foot patch of sand in only 36 seconds using just 3.5 gallons of water.

The WATERSWEEPER Water Broom is clearly the superior method of cleaning large open areas, especially since the larger the area, the more efficient it becomes. We are proud to offer this product and appreciate any feedback you can give us on your success.

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